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TMHere Fishy Fishy!! Fish Attractant

Looking for some Rod Bending ACTION? Looking to fill your freezer with some great fish fillets? Well you're in the right place.

Ogre Mfg. has formulated a fish attractant with all natural ingredients. TMHere Fishy Fishy!! is safe for both fish and the environment! TMHere Fishy Fishy!! can be used in fresh or salt water - anytime throughout the year, spring, summer, fall or winter for ice fishing. TMHere Fishy Fishy!! has been used successfully to attract several species of fish - bluegill, crappie, trout, bass and salmon.

This scent is a must for any tackle box. Whether you are fishing from shore or in a boat, TMHere Fishy Fishy!! will attract more fish. This product has been used successfully by all levels of fishermen from novice to professionals. When fishing is tough this formula will bring the fish to your bait for a meal.

Apply a few drops to either live or artificial baits or lures.

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