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Letter Dated November 13, 2007


I enjoyed your web-site. Living in New York's Adirondack region, I can identify with the Wisconsin cold weather winters!!

I have used your Ogre cleaning products under a variety of conditions, ranging from the field, to the bench, and the kitchen counter. The stuff works.

How I do enjoy my flint locks. As I write, I have a .54 flint lock leaning against the counter in the kitchen, waiting for me to finish cleaning it in anticipation of the upcoming deer season opener in our southern tier.

I've a patch soaking in the bore and a patch soaking over the pan. The Ogre cleaning solution facilitates cleaning. Black powder residue by the pan area will soften and just wipe away. I've found that following your directions is critical. Giving the solution time to work its magic makes a difference. By the time I finish this,note, the rifle will be ready to clean. The rifle will respond well to my efforts. It'll be easy to clean and it will clean with less effort and materials.

When cleaned with the Ogre solution I find that the best way to describe my various muzzle-loaders is that they " load slick ". The patched balls just go down the barrel as slick as can be, and, they shoot well.

I do a lot of shooting with .22 rifles and hand guns. As an instructor, hobbyist, plinker and grand parent, I put a lot of rounds through our .22 fire arms. My, do they get dirty and grimed up. Accuracy and function asuffer when the fire arms get all crapped up. Imagine my surprise and delight when I discovered what you can do with a little Ogre solution on a Q-tip.

As much as I like the Ruger 10-.22 and the Ruger Mark II auto loaders, I do not find them easily cleaned. The action of the 10-.22 responds almost magically to the attention of an Ogre solution soaked Q-tip. WOW!!! What a difference! Run a patch or two down the barrel, wipe out the action and you are ready to go again.

After one rather long session, my trusty old Winchester model 69 was not turning in its usual accuracy It didn't take long to see that our bargain ammo was filthy and that the rifle was dirty. All it took was a Q-tip or two to clean up the action, the bolt face responded so quickly and easily to being wiped down that I could hardly believe the ease in which it was cleaned, a patch or two down the barrel.... the rifle was back to shooting decent groups again. I was extremely impressed.

Another story:

My wife is a shooter. She loves her muzzle-loaders. We attend the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association's national shoots when ever we can. Too often I am involved in meetings ( I currently serve on the NMLRA Board of Directors.) and do not get to shoot with her as often as she thinks I should.. It is not unusual for her to shoot with out me. A common sight is for me to return to camp from meetings and see her cleaning her .40 calibre cap lock. She uses your Ogre cleaning solution. She uses it because she likes it. It is easy to use, and it works.

When our children and their families come to visit, shooting is often a high lighted activity. This is true for when what passes as my brother comes to visit as well. Billy comes to visit from Texas. As much as I do love him, he shoots pistols like I buy or reload all of the ammo and that I do all of the cleaning. I wonder where he gets that idea!

If you ever want to be a believer with the Ogre stuff, try it on a pistol. WOW!!! Clean up time is a lot less and the results are superb.

What I am trying to pass along, John, is that we use your Ogre cleaning solution in a variety of situations with a broad variety of fire arms. The stuff works VERY well. We like it, we use it, we appreciate the fact that you are committed to making a quality product for the shooting fraternity.

Thank you!

Delighted and pleased customers,

Kenyon and Patti Simpson

Please feel free to have any one contact us about your Ogre solution. It'd be a pleasure. You make a good product. As I said, thank you.

Letter Dated May 23, 2007

Hi John! Rita bought this for me to use because she didn't like me stinking up the house with nitro solvent. Now she is happy and I am happy. I think that your cleaner works great. Thank you for contacting us!

Best regards,

Bill Holt
Tower Structures

Letter Dated February 17, 2007

OGRE FA is a gun cleaner with the following properties: *Low Odor, *Biodegradable, *Flash Point > 200°F, *Cleans and Lubricates in one Easy Step. I have and currently use his product and in laymen terms is great. If you are about to buy a new gun cleaner, try OGRE FA, you will not regret it. His website is http://www.ogremfg.com. I have dealt with John, the owner of OGRE and he is an outstanding guy.

Jose Juan

Letter Dated February 17, 2007
John Thompson

John you have sent that product at the right time. We just had an issue with MPro 7 that caused our firing pins to slow enough to cause light strikes on our ammo. We are in the process of testing new cleaners. So when the boss asked what I thought, I just handed him the green folder you sent me. He is reading through it. The cleaner works great. I have used it on all of my weapons with great success. I also clean while watching my kids because there are no fumes. Anyway, I will get back to you soon.

This is being sent to my boss so he is aware of your email address.

Sgt. Trey Best
Gaithersburg Police

Letter Dated February 7, 2007
Dear Mr. Thompson:

I was given a small sample bottle of your gun cleaner at the SHOT show in Orlando, Florida in January 2007. I have cleaned my 30-06 rifle three times and a Glock 9MM that I have shot lead bullets in several times. Your cleaner works excellent for both copper and lead fouling. Usually solvents are designed for either copper, lead, or black powder use (not all three). I know OGRE works for copper and lead and I would be willing to bet that it works very well for black powder also.(AND IT DOES ALL THIS WITH NO BAD SMELL - which my wife surely appreciates) Per our telephone conversation today, please send me a case of OGRE as I will happily recommend it to my customers.

Billy B. Jones
Magnum Products

As Featured In May 2006 American Handgunner Magazine
- GunnySack by Charles E. Petty
One of the hardest parts of my job is to evaluate cleaning products. There is so much hype--and sometimes just plain BS--it's tough to evaluate the claims of miracle cures and wondrous things. Still the products come with regularity and I duly try them, but lacking a complete analytical chemistry laboratory and months for testing I have little proof. So here is a totally subjective look at Enviroclean. It works and does what they claim.
Today's environmental concerns have brought big changes to gun cleaning because so many of the chemicals that worked so well are now thought to be bad for you. Enviroclean is reported to be biodegradable, less flammable (flash point >200F), and virtually odorless. That one I can objectively say is true.
But the thing making me pay attention was how it worked on some serious fouling. I shoot a S&W Model 625 quite a bit with handloaded cast bullets and I'm sure you've seen the crud that builds up under the top strap. There's some lead, bullet lube and powder residue. It turns everything black. Let's just say I had neglected cleaning the 625 for some time and the top strap had a substantial layer of goo. Using a medicine dropper I put a puddle of cleaner on the top strap and left it for 10 minutes or so. When I wiped it with a clean patch the majority of the crud went away with ease. It did take another application and some gentle brushing to return the gun to a satisfactory level of cleanliness, but the job was easier than usual for sure.

Letter Dated July 28, 2006
Dear Mr. Thompson:

At the recent Beretta Range Day I had the pleasure of meeting with you and discussing the use of your cleaner. I would ike you to know that after the event, I had four Beretta pistols and two carbines to clean up and I did use the cleaner. A couple of drops on a patch was all that was needed for basic cleaning of gun surfaces, a wet bore brush cleaned up the chambers and bore.Very little elbow grease was needed. Most important was the lack of scent while cleaning with your OGRE cleaner. This is a household that gets a lot of firearms cleaning jobs, and my wife said she was not aware of my cleaning bench being in use that day. It worked as advertised. Thank you for the test product, and I would recommend it to those "gunners" that clean up in the house!

Craig Turner
Beretta U.S.A.
Regional Manager Defense/Law Enforcement

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