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Enviroclean FA was developed by an avid hunter and chemist, John "OGRE" Thompson. His goal was to develop a product that was environmentally friendly and virtually odorless. Enviroclean FA is manufactured by OGRE Manufacturing, LLC in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Dear Shooter,
Like you, I am a shooter who likes to take care of his firearms. A well maintained firearm shoots better and won't let you down when you need to make that once in a lifetime, crucial shot. It doesn't matter if that shot is made while hunting, competitive shooting, target shooting, on the job, or in the most dire instance of defending your life or protecting others.

In my case, I enjoy target shooting and hunting. When it came time for cleaning my firearms, I'm a kitchen table kind of guy. I like to have all of my gear within reach while cleaning my firearm. Unfortunately, the odor given off by most firearm cleaners were quite obnoxious and offensive to my family. My wife is quite forgiving and would simply go shopping to get away from the odor and wouldn't come back until the house aired out.

This procedure worked well until my daughter developed childhood asthma. Whenever I would clean my firearms, the slightest odor would send her into a coughing fit. Soon the basement became my cleaning area. This worked well enough until late autumn when the odor was carried up through the heating and ventilation system. Needless to say, my days of cleaning in the warmth and comfort of the house were over. Shortly thereafter, I found myself cleaning my firearms in the garage.

Now, if you are familiar with winters in Wisconsin, you can probably appreciate my plight during the months of December, January, and February. It's cold outside and not very much fun. My cleaning efficiency went down, as the goal became getting the job done quickly and getting back in to the warm house. As a result, my firearms really weren't cleaned as well as they should have been.

I thought to myself, there must be a better way to clean firearms without generating all of the noxious odors and be safer to use than the cleaners currently on the market. My quest was to develop a cleaning product that would be both user friendly and safer for the environment. After evaluating numerous formulations, one product finally stood out from the rest. Several friends were asked to try this formulation, and they agreed that this formulation worked quite well at cleaning their firearms without all the obnoxious odors. Thus, Enviroclean FA was born.

I am glad to say that I am back at the kitchen table, in the warmth of my home cleaning my firearms once more!

John "OGRE" Thompson

Enviroclean FA is currently used by law enforcement and can be obtained in larger sizes/quantities. Mfg. Dealer inquiries are welcome.

More information can be obtained by calling 414-881-2953
or email ogremfg@aol.com.

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